Boxoft Photo Magic Maker

Boxoft Photo Magic Maker 1.4

One-click application to apply artistic effects to your favorite photographs

Boxoft Photo Magic Maker gives all amateur photographers the opportunity of enhancing their pictures in the simplest of ways by adding attractive photo effects. The entire process is simple and straightforward, and the program comes with an extensive variety of retouching tricks and effects that you can apply with a single click of your mouse.

Photo retouching doesn’t come simpler than this. To make things even easier, Photo Magic Maker offers you a one-window interface, where all the possible options are laid out in an intuitively designed workspace. All the editing and enhancing possibilities are clearly organized into themes or objects, so that you can choose to apply any of the “Dream” effects to your photo and then move to the “Frame” section to add a nice one to your picture for that final touch. The program offers a “before & after” interface, which allows you to see – in real time – how the choices you make compare with the source photograph.

A variety of possible enhancing effects may not be overwhelming, but it is sufficient to keep you busy for a while. Some effects add textures to your photos, others turn them into sketches, and others simply correct some color or contrast imperfections to give them a softer touch. However, most of them apply a new layer to the existing photograph, adding an object or a set of objects on the top of the existing photo. These objects are directly related to the selected theme, such as the drops, splashes, or waves provided in the “Water” category. Regrettably, these objects cannot be moved around the picture, a limitation that sometimes produces unsatisfactory combinations even when the effect applied is a nice one in itself. Thus, probably the best way to find the right effect for your photo is by using the trial and error method, which will also allow you to experience how some effects that you may have not considered in the first place can produce surprising results.

You can redo any of the actions performed on your photographs, and combine various effects in the same picture. You can import your photographs directly from your camera, save the resulting photos as a JPG, PNG, TIFF, or BMP images, and print them out directly from this tool. This is not a professional photo editor (not that it claims to be one), but a fun tool that will turn your ordinary photos into surprising images in a snap.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Easy-to-use one-window interface
  • Good choice of enhancing effects organized by theme
  • Before and after” interface for real-time comparison
  • Supports all the most popular image file formats
  • Allows you to combine various effects into the same photograph


  • Effects are placed in a fixed location that not always blends well with the source image
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